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Practice Participle 1

Practice Participle 1

Practice Participle 1

Practice Participle 1 Отвечает на вопросы: какой?, какая?, какие? a dancing girl Или, на вопрос: что делая? Reading, he thought of advantures discribed in the book

He watched the employees performing their tasks. – Он наблюдал за сотрудниками, выполняющими свои задания.

Performing his task, he thought of how long it would take him to complete it. – Выполняя своё задание, он подумал о том как много времени ему понадобится, что бы завершить его.

The project released on Wednesday was a success. – Проект, сданный в среду, был успешным.


Exercise 1.

1.     Everybody was looking at the speaking executive. The accused released on bail confessed in all the crimes, he had done previously.

2.     Subscribing to this channel he realized that he would waste plenty of time.

3.     Torn papers were lying on the floor and the person trying to gather them was explicitly nervous.

4.     Entering the office, she faltered.

5.     Looking through the documents, he realized that there was a great deal of pitfalls.

6.      For all Republicans out there longing(стремиться страстно желать) to boot (загрузиться, загрузить с boot off) Donald Trump off the presidential ticket even at this late stage, there are four key words. 1

7.     With "Rule 9" invoked, the RNC could then either reconvene (возобновить работу, вновь собраться) the 2,472-delegate convention to vote again - a virtual (фактический, действительный, эффективный) impossibility at this stage - or the board of the RNC, with 160 members representing all states and territories, would select a replacement.1

8.     Each state and territory would have the same amount of voting power that it had at the convention.1

9.     Rule 9 has never actually been used before and so its boundaries have never been tested. The last time a candidate left the ticket late was in 1972.1

10.           The tradition was timeless… the secrecy, the foldedslips of paper, the burning of the ballots, themixing of ancient chemicals, the smoke signals.

11.           Without Mr Trump leaving the race, a Republican replacement isn't possible under the rules.1

12.           "Better luck next time" isn't the most comforting (утешать, успокаивать, поддерживать) election strategy, but some disaffected (недовольный, нелояльный) Republicans think their best option is to denounce (осуждать, доносить, порицать) him and wait.1

13.           Thirty former Republican lawmakers (законодатель, депутат) did that on 6 October, saying in a letter that Mr Trump lacked the "intelligence" and temperament to be president.1

14.           The executive branch is a huge undertaking (предприятие, начинание, затея, обязательство) involving thousands of positions and there aren't enough Trump loyalists to fill them all.

15. A group of major business lobby groups has written an open letter urging the government to preserve barrier free trade with Europe. 

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